The network is currently composed of sixty six groups, from different activity areas: the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC); different Spanish universities; cultural institutions, foundations and museums; and private companies

Node Responsible person Contact address
Corrosion and protection of metals for Building and Cultural Heritage Emilio Cano Díaz
Conservation of glass and monumental and historical materials (CERVITRUM) María Ángeles Villegas
Ornamental rocks: physiochemical processes Adolfo Íñigo; Eloy Molina
Geo-environmental analysis in hypogean environments Sergio Sánchez Moral
Study of materials and techniques used in artworks Ángel Justo Erbez
Microbial ecology and geoecology - ECOGEO Carmen Ascaso Ciria
Petrology applied to the conservation of Cultural Heritage Rafael Fort González
Multidisciplinary research group on ceramic and glass materials and archaeometry of Cultural Heritage (MATERARCERVID) Pedro J. Sánchez Soto
Lasers and nanotechnologies for Cultural Heritage (LANAPAC) Marta Castillejo Striano
Ceramic and Glass Heritage ICV Carmen Pascual
Social Structure and Territory - Landscape Archaeology Inés Sastre
Materials Science applied to Cultural Heritage - CEMAPA María Teresa Blanco Varela
Heritage Laboratory - LaPa Felipe Criado Boado
Microbiology and Cultural Heritage Cesáreo Sáiz Jiménez